#Mainstreaming Child Rights and Investment in Children

Hiwot Ethiopia has organized a half day child led national level advocacy workshop on Tuesday 28 December/2021 highlighting ‘Mainstreaming Child Rights and Investment in Children’ as part of Children Rights Governance (CRG) project activity being implemented with the financial & technical support of Save the Children. The workshop was held at Capital Hotel in Addis Ababa. A total of 50(F 23, M 27) participants were participating during the workshop. Participants of the workshop were drawn from Ministry of Women and Social Affairs, Authority for Civil Society Organizations, Addis Ababa City council, targeted sub city government stakeholders, funding partners, CSO partners, Addis Ababa City Children Coalition, Child Led Initiatives, Child Centred Social Accountable Groups and Child Rights Committees.
In the workshop, a presentation on Investment in Children (IiC) has been presented by high and qualified professional. Panellists from targeted Child Led Initiatives, Child Centred Social Accountable Groups and Child Rights Committee members did get an opportunity to make evidence based advocacy on child rights protection and participation through presenting what they have achieved regarding child rights promotion, advancing children participation in the governance system in the targeted woredas and sub cities. They also demonstrated what they have accomplished and gained results through organizing and displaying photograph exhibition to high level government authorities at federal and Addis Ababa city administration levels. The advocacy workshop was fruitful to move forward the significance of mainstreaming child rights and Investment in Children in each and every activity of all stakeholders.



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