Address critical humanitarian concerns

Because of the ongoing conflicts and other economic factors, girls, particularly those from economically poor families, are directly affected and forced to be absent from school. Therefore, Hiwot, in close consultation with the Malala Fund, Debre Berhan City administration, Siyadebir Wayu woreda women, children, social affairs, education office, and the six secondary school representatives, procured and distributed food and non-food items for six secondary school girls found in the Debre Berhan City administration and Siyadebir Wayu woreda, Northshewa Zone of the Amhara region. On this occasion, Hiwot distributed 6942 pieces of exercise books, 10680 pens, 5340 pens, and 534 bags for 534 girls. Distributed 720 kg of flavour powder, 720 kg of macaroni, and 432 litres of oil for 144 girls, as well as sanitary pads and soaps for 300 girls. Hiwot Ethiopia would like to thank the Malala Fund for its commitment and for allowing the fund to support girls and their families.