Men, Power and Politics

Since its foundation in 1995, the non-governmental organization Hiwot Ethiopia has worked to improve the wellbeing of Ethiopia's children and youth. Hiwot Ethiopia has been running programs for a number of years. Men, Power, and Politics is a pilot project that Hiwot Ethiopia, on behalf of MenEngage Ethiopia, signed a contract with the National Democratic Institute
Men, Power, and Politics offers a fresh perspective on how to change the gender norms that currently support the difference between men and women's political empowerment. The training manual from NDI was taken up and modified by member organizations of MenEngage Ethiopia.
With the help of the handbook, MenEngage Ethiopia members, facilitators, and program implementers can all better understand the effects of inequality on their own lives, families, and communities, as well as the disproportionate power and privilege they enjoy. Selected and engaged MenEngage Ethiopia members received ToTs training to facilitate and lead the overall training packages based on the customized manual.
In its official launching of the project a one day first round training was held on March 17, 2023 for targeted leaders of political parties in Ethiopia. In the training representatives of the Joint Council of Political Parties youth and people with disabilities wing were attended. Mr. John Lovdal, the resident director of the National Democratic Institute Ethiopia Country Office's Political Parties and Research Program, greeted and thanked the participants in his opening and welcoming remarks. Mr. John remarked, "You might be curious about the partnership between NDI, MenEngage Ethiopia, and Hiwot Ethiopia." A new program that encourages men to use their influence and leadership to increase women's participation in politics is the reason for the
collaboration. The program aims to create and maintain productive working relationships between political parties and civil society organizations, he added.
Executive Director of Hiwot Ethiopia, Mr. Getaalem Kassa, greeted the attendees and added that the pilot project had sparked a new trend in which CSOs and political parties in Ethiopia are now closely collaborating. For its financial and technical assistance, he expressed gratitude to the NDI. Mr. Getaalem stated that gender and gender equality had to be previously known to the participants. The MenEngage approach to improving gender equality and women's empowerment is new in this training. Additionally, he gave the participants advice on how to use the knowledge and abilities they would receive from the training in their respective political parties.
The Joint Council of Political Parties in Ethiopia was founded approximately three months ago, according to Dr. Rahel Baffie, General Secretary of the organization. She expressed her happiness at the close collaboration between the political parties and CSOs. Although the participants were young, she continued, they were well-versed in Ethiopian political processes.
After expressing gratitude to NDI, MenEngage, and Hiwot Ethiopia, Dr. Rahel wished the attendees a productive and engaging training session.
Eight rounds of training were given by Hiwot Ethiopia/MenEngage, NDI, and the Joint Council of Political Parties in Ethiopia in close cooperation. Youth, women, and people with disabilities leaders and representatives actively participated in the training, which was led by senior political party leaders.


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