What we do

Hiwot Ethiopia is made its greatest efforts to changes the lives of children and youth in Ethiopia. Hiwot Ethiopia delivers a range of multi-year projects with a number of local and international partners.

Hiwot Ethiopia is focuses on:

  • Health- Providing health information, advocacy campaign and quality services on SRHR/FP, HIV/AIDS, MNCH/FP, WASH
  • Children’s right – Providing information, advocacy campaigns, protection, prevention and supporting children
  • Education- providing information, advocacy campaigns on access and quality education. In addition, it has providing support to students particularly to girls and building the capacity of schools and institutions (pre and  primary, secondary and university)
  • Livelihood/empowerment- providing skill building training, business management training and seed capital to start own business (IGAs) and establishing self help groups.

Cross Cutting Issues

  • Gender- advocacy campaign, awareness creation to reduce sexual abuse, exploitation, harassment ,gender based violence and ensure gender equality at family, community and institution level
  • Disability- work with peoples with disability associations and other institutions to build the capacity of disable persons. Organize advocacy campaigns and support to ensure their rights
  • Engaging boys and men- advocacy campaigns and awareness creation events to reduce men gender norms, sexual abuse, exploitation, harassment and gender based violence and ensure gender equality at all level.