On 15-17, 2021Hiwot Ethiopia organized Training on Safeguarding to partner CSOs at Elilly International Hotel. A total of 9(5 F) who were drawn from 9 partner CSOs attended the training. The main objective of the training was to build the capacity of the partner CSOs on safeguarding policy, procedure and practice. On the occasion, the topics such as concept of violence, abuse and safeguarding, the principles and standards of safeguarding, Safegaurding policy development, prevention and protection mechanisms were presented and thoroughly discussed with the participants. The participants disclosed that the training enabled them to acquire the knowledge develop Safegaurding policy and how to exercise safeguarding practices and procedures in their organization. The training was ended with developing action plan by the participants.
Meanwhile, the director of Hiwot Ethiopia delivered the closing remark. In his closing remark he told the participants that the training has offered them good insight to create safe environment in their organization and to exercise Safegaurding. He also expressed the commitment of Hiwot Ethiopia to support the partner CSOs in putting in to practice of the Safeguarding policy and procedures in their organizations