Hiwot Ethiopia in collaboration with “ብቃት ለወጣት “ፕሮጀክት “Power to Youth” project  purchased and delivered emergency response support to internally displaced people/IDPs located in Debreberahn town of Northshewa Zone of Amhara region.

Based on the need assessment collected from North Shoa Zone Administration and food security and risk prevention Bureau, Hiwot Ethiopia management committed to purchase Mattress and Macaroni. Therefore, 50 Mattresses, 10 Quintal /40 sacks, 25kgeach/ of Macaroni and one packet of Spaghetti delivered to North Shoa Zone food security and risk prevention office on December 11, 2021 at Debreberhan town. “ብቃት ለወጣት “ፕሮጀክት the “Power to Youth” project is funded by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands through Amref Health Africa. Hiwot Ethiopia would like to acknowledge the Power to Youth project implementing partners; Amref Health Africa, Ethiopia country office and YNSD.