In Ethiopia, getting girls into school and retaining them in schools is a very serious constraint as result of which girls’ enrolment and achievement in education does not yet reach at the required level. According to the report by Ministry of Education (July 2016), out of 100 children enrolled in first grade, 50 drop out by the time they reach fifth grade, and 30 more fail to complete eighth grade. The drop-out rate is much higher among girls than boys. This trend also continues in secondary education. Most girls especially in rural areas are vulnerable. Deeply rooted customs, belief systems and attitudes practiced in families and communities, coupled with poverty and lack of awareness are seen as the main barriers for girls to complete their secondary school education. There are various factors affecting educational opportunities for girls.

Hiwot Ethiopia has awarded three years (April 2020 to March 2023) project from Malala Fund to implement “Equating Girls for better future”. The project focuses to bring safe school environment for girls at secondary school and quality education by mitigating barriers of girls’ education. It also aims to bring policy and social norm changes through advocacy, raising public awareness and strengthening the capacity of local communities, and by engaging Zonal, regional and national level duty bearers to ensure quality education and supportive culture for girls to finish secondary school successfully. The project will be implemented for three years in North Showa zone
(Amhara region), at six secondary school of Seydebir Wayu and Basoena Worena Woredas. The overall objective of this project is to contribute for quality education and supportive social and culture norm for girls to finish secondary school successfully. The project is planned to directly reach a minimum of 3000 girls. This projet is funded by Malala