Education matters more, especially for girls, project builds upon the success of the project “Education matters more, especially for girls”, which was implemented between February 2015 and February 2017. Through strong cooperation between schools, government and community members, that project tackled a range of barriers, which kept girls from going to school or caused them to drop out. As a result, significantly more girls now go to and stay in school and support for girls’ education has increased within the wider community. This follow up proposal encompasses a two-year timeframe, to maintain and strengthen achievements of the previous project, attend to lessons learned and expand activities to 5 new locations and 10 schools. We will upscale the approach to reach more girls (and boys) and work ever more closely with community groups and government agencies.

“Education Matters more, especially for girls”. The overall goal is to ensure that girls in the target areas attend and complete primary and secondary education. And, the aim was to overcome obstacles to girls’ education in two rural and semi-rural districts of North Shewa Zone of the Ethiopian Regional State of Amhara. Activities engaged some 2,000 girls from primary and secondary schools directly and another 10,000 people indirectly (parents, siblings, teachers and other community stakeholders).