24 October 2019, Hiwot Ethiopia in collaboration with Oak Foundation and Right to Play was organized a half day consultative workshop under the theme of “ the role of Medias on engaging boys and men to protect children from sexual abuse, exploitation and to ensure gender equality” at capital Hotel, Addis Ababa.
During the day, Engaging men and boys to protect children and girls from Sexual abuse, exploitation and GBV – Country context was presented by Dr. Belay Hagos- Educational and Research Studies Directorate, Addis Ababa University. Country/Ministerial level initiatives and strategies to protect children from sexual abuse, exploitation, Early marriage, HTP and GBV (Guideline, policies, and strategies) and to ensure gender based violence through engaging boys and men as a strategy was presented by Ato Legese Kume, Child right Expert, FDRE Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs and the role of Medias on gender equality through engaging Boys and Men was presented by Ruth Yitbarek, Campaign Manager, at Yellow Movement.
Around 54 participants were attended on the workshop and discussed on issues. In conclusion, media professionals agreed to establish forum to facilitate continuous discussions among media professionals and institutions to mainstream the importance of boys and men engagement to end abuse, exploitation and ensure gender equality.

# Let’s work together to ensure gender equality!