Boys and men do care

Hiwot Ethiopia has become well known for its pioneering work of engaging boys and men to tackle child sexual abuse, exploitation, GBV, child marriage, HIV/AIDS. In particular, Hiwot Ethiopia’s work on engaging men and boys has been recognized as an innovative and important contribution to achieving gender equality and reducing HIV/AIDS transmission and GBV, child sexual abuse and exploitation and Sexual Reproductive Health hazards.
Since 2008, Hiwot Ethiopia has been implementing a project to enhance boys and men engagement to end child sexual abuse and exploitation at national level by the support of Oak Foundation.
The purposes of Radio show
• To increase public recognition of the positive role of men and boys in the protection of children from abuse, with a specific focus on sexual abuse and exploitation including GBV
• To increase collaboration between the Radio show, schools and other child focused organizations to promote the positive role of and engagement of men in addressing child sexual abuse, exploitation and GBV.
• To strengthen the governance and leadership system of the organization to ensure quality management
Major activities of the project
“Yenegta Weg” Radio show is among the projects that Hiwot Ethiopia has been implementing since 2008 by the support of Oak Foundation. The motto of the program is “men and boys do care to end child focused sexual abuse and exploitation and Gender based violence. It aims to create an opportunity for public discussions to take place by providing adequate information. In order to reach this aim, the program creates a Radio show called “ Yenegat Weg” which is broadcasted four times a week on Sheger FM 102. 1 and Fanna FM 98.1.
As a different means of media communication, public service announcements are also broadcasted for a minute in prime time to communicate the public.
Expected result/outcomes
• The issue of men and boys engagement becomes a public issues resulting in increased of the issues in media, various for a and events
• Increased feedback and comments from men, boys, children and women
• Increased involvement of listeners groups and school mini-media clubs in the development of radio program contexts
• Increased men and boys engagement at school to Protect boys and girls from sexual abuse and exploitation
• Referral linkages and arrangements created with service delivery unit so as to provide quality services for needy children and women
• Organizational effectiveness and efficiency achieved at all levels within the organization