Gender Equality

Hiwot Ethiopia has been implementing programs focusing on gender equality and violence against women and girls (VAWGs) along with other areas which include health, education, livelihood, and promotion of children, girls and women’s wellbeing. Hiwot Ethiopia is currently producing a radio program named Yenigat Weg-(Morning Talk) which has been implemented since 2008 with the financial support of OAK Foundation. The topic of the radio show is “Men and boys do care to protect children and young people from sexual abuse, exploitation and gender based violence”.

Another initiative named “Engaging Men for Positive Parent and Children’s Wellbeing” was implemented with Addis Ababa University Gender Office and other CSOs to promote men and boys engagement in gender equality and GBV. Hiwot Ethiopia has also been reaching its targets such as youth groups and the larger community through print Medias such as news papers, posters and leaflets. Similarly, Hiwot Ethiopia implemented a project entitled “Men and boys can make a difference to end GBV”. The project was primarily focusing on prevention of violence against women and children. It was intended to address the underlying root causes of GBV/VAWG within Ethiopian social norms (values, beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and practices) that support male dominance, enable GBV/VAWG and contribute to impunity for perpetrators.

Following that, Hiwot Ethiopia along with other members took the initiative in re-establishing the MenEngage Ethiopia network in 2016 and now serving as a chair and a secretariat. MenEngage Ethiopia (MEE) is now an affiliated and active network with MenEngage Alliance and Africa. MEE is considered as an active advocacy group which currently comprises twenty four members from national and international non- governmental and governmental organizations including Ministry of Women and children affairs office. Hiwot Ethiopia has acquired a long years experience (since 1995) of managing and implementing projects/program related to different thematic areas such as health, education, child right and well being, livelihood, gender and inclusion. It has well experienced staffs to mobilize resources and have organized financial system to manage grants received and receiving from its national and international partners.

Gender equality and gender Justice

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Sexual Abuse, exploitation and other forms of Abuses

Child Marriage & FGM

Safeguarding children and Adult at Risk

Social and Cultural Norms

Engaging Boys and Men